Sunset Tavern

Beaches and Bands

In moving to Seattle, I was a bit taken aback by the size of the city and the rows upon rows upon rows of houses.   For my own sanity, I decided to scale the city down and focus my exposure of it on small elements of culture and nature.     Thus, resulted in a Monday of beaches and bands.


People often leave behind personal traces to mark their existence, to record their experiences.   "I was here, I lived, I saw, I am."   One of my favorite examples of this practice is the careful stacking of rocks; the creation of a cairn.    Cairns are often used as trail markers in the backcountry, but are showing up more and more in urban areas as an expression of life and art.   I photographed this beach-bleached log and its population of cairns at Carkeek park.


Seattle is known for its plethora of live music and its draw for creative and unique work.   I have the lucky fortune to know Tommy Panigot of

Garage Voice

(above) and have been introduced to Seattle's music scene through a web of new friends.   The Head and The Heart (below) headlined the show.    They are worth checking out.  Although I don't believe I will become a band photographer anytime soon, I have a bit of an aversion to high ISOs, I had a lot of fun shooting throughout the night and working with unfamiliar light.   

Plus the music was great, so you really can't go wrong.