Ice Circle Video Clips


Voices of the Wilderness

Interview with Nina Khashchina

In 2012 I traveled to Sitka, Alaska to document the experience of Nina Khashchina, a watercolor artist, who was participating in the Voices of the Wilderness Artist in Residency program.   The program took place in the South Baranof Island Wilderness Area.  Nina was partnered with Darrin Kelly and Frank Barnes of the Sitka Ranger District and the USDA Forest Service.   Nina donated pieces of her artwork to be used as educational materials in promotion of the preservation of the wilderness area.   


Life as a Living Statue

Interview with Patrick Toney

Patrick was one of the first people I met upon moving to Seattle.   He was gracious enough to allow me to follow him around for a day.  Patrick works as a Living Statue in Seattle, WA.  He can be found outside of the West Lake Center.  In addition to his performance work, Patrick is also a talented artist and musician.  You can find out more about his music at